Size - The servo mounting dimensions will determine the size of the servo that you choose. Our servos are classified as Large Scale, Standard, Mini, or Micro, to help narrow your choices. Also note that some have different depths, which can cause issues in models with limited mounting space.

Torque - What is the size and weight of your model? In general, the bigger and heavier the model, the higher torque your servo should provide. Airplane control surface area and servo arm length are also factors.

Speed - A fast or slow servo will alter the 'feel' of your model. Fast is good, but using a servo that is too fast can cause a twitchy feel. Don't overdo it!

Voltage - All of our servos can be run on 6 volts. In order to use a 2S LiPo receiver battery without a BEC, you will need to choose the 7.4 volt compatible servos. These servos can also be used with lower voltages but the performance will be lower.

Gear Train - Metal gears are recommended for cars and trucks, or any model that will be used aggressively or will be subject to hard impacts. If weight or price is a concern, then plastic gears are a good choice for "low impact" applications. If you aren't sure, choose metal gears. We recommend using a servo saver for any high impact application, regardless of gear material choice.

Motor - Savox offers three motor choices: DC, Coreless, and Brushless. DC motors are best suited to less demanding applications, and are the least expensive. Coreless motors offer better power and reliability, and are able to change directions more quickly and precisely. Brushless motors produce ultimate power, quicker torque, faster response, greater efficiency and are the longest lasting.

Servo Case - Aluminium is used to improve heat dissipation from the motor but this has a slightly higher weight over the plastic case models. A full aluminium case reduces flex, and provides a more stable platform for the gear trains and mounting points for heavier models. Full aluminum case servos are NOT indestructible, but are quite strong.

Waterproof - Our waterproof servos are IP67 rated, which means they are "Protected against the effects of immersion in water to depths between 15 cm and 1 meter". That means they can be "dunked", but they cannot withstand underwater movement at higher depths.